Each of us remembers the magic sound of the popping chairs in the cinema before the screening. Cinema seats perform just as important a role as a movie, but they are designed and constructed in a way that we do not think about them during the projection. However, a badly made armchair is enough to completely ruin even an Oscar production.

This was the idea we had while creating the KINO collection.

Our collection is functional, very durable and works great in public spaces such as clubs, cafes, hotels.

The collection includes a sofa, an armchair, a round table, a rectangular table, chairs and a bench.

While designing the KINO collection, we were inspired by the achievements of Theo van Doesburg and the De Stijl group.

The unique aesthetics of the furniture from the ’70s also had a great impact on the final form of the collection.

A very important element of our design assumption was the use of noble materials and extremely solid craftsmanship.

The KINO collection consists of brilliant second plan actors, as you and the people you meet with are the main stars.

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