About us

We are called HULE and thanks to our products, the interior acquires a unique atmosphere.

Before we started designing, we had traveled a lot, in the workshops of outstanding craftsmen we learned the potential and properties of natural materials, in lecture halls we critically analyzed the relationship between design and art in various aspects of civilization.

Above all, however, we met people. We established relationships with them, experienced emotions, widened our consciousness.


Defining the relationships between design, craft and a man resulted in the creation of the HULE brand.

A relationship whose driving force is the passion for responsible creation of functional, durable and beautiful things translates into the entire HULE activity.

In accordance with the timeless assumptions of Bauhaus, we treat our products as a whole. The relationship between the design process, the selection of materials and the very implementation of the product are just as important to us as the relationships between designers, craftsmen, users and the environment.

The interior design elements we create, remain in relationship to the space they organize and give it character. Furniture and lighting are the basic factors influencing the quality of interpersonal contacts.

Our products are aiding to establish and maintain relationships on many levels – from morning coffee at the PIMM table, through a meeting with friends on LUC armchairs and the KIM sofa from the KINO collection, to intimate conversation in the light of the LAURENT lamp.

We are aware of the importance of good relationships and that is why HULE’s activity is not limited to the production of furniture and lighting equipment. In every aspect of our activity, we try to see a broader context, because we know that we are all inscribed in a larger whole.


The interiors in which we live shape our emotions, so it’s worth to surround yourself with original objects bearing a character. According to the assumptions of the Scandinavian design school, we strive to create products that tie a link between art and functionality.

Inspiring forms, colors, intriguing lighting – a fascinating interior guarantees a lot of positive emotions. It is thanks to them that we become happier and make others happy as well. We make every effort to ensure that HULE not only intrigue, but also give a sense of security and comfort, facilitate daily functioning, and allow you to fully enjoy life.

HULE furniture and lamps are the sum of experience and design knowledge of the creators, craftsmen’s proficiency and the quality of the materials. No wonder that our products accumulate positive emotions of people who use them. Because expressive, modern HULE design goes hand in hand with functionality and durability, these emotions can be accumulated for many years. We want HULE products to become simply good friends for users, or family members who have been at home for generations.

We are proud of the work we manufacture, we do not use veneers, we honestly show our precious components – wood, plywood and metal.

We create with joy and believe that good, thoughtful design is not only quality, ergonomics and ecology, but above all emotions enchanted in the material.


Today’s economy is based on disposable products, littering the environment during a large-scale production of items that after a brief moment become garbage, obviously damaging the natural environment.

HULE’s mission is to create products that will be able to resist the passage of time. Our furniture and lamps are designed and made to serve for many years, even if used intensively. In order to give them an even longer life, we fix them.

We also rent HULE to make them even more accessible.

Because we use natural, noble materials, the production process itself is environmentally friendly, and HULE products become more mature as they age.

After the end of their useful, beautiful, long life, HULE products are not a burden for the environment, they just naturally join the eternal cycle of nature.